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October 26, 2008

Recent cool discoveries: unlockit and rlwrap

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I’m easily annoyed by hardware and software. Recently, I’ve been annoyed by my iPhone 3G insisting on wasting my money by downloading useless shit over my cellular data network without even asking. Since I have WiFi almost everywhere and I don’t want to get a data plan, I wanted to disable the feature completely. Unfortunately, the iPhone wouldn’t let you do that easily. Fortunately, http://unlockit.co.nz/ exists. That disables the cellular network by setting an invalid APN and can be easily reverted when you really need it. Good stuff.

I’ve also been doing some lisp lately and was a happy clisp user until I had to do some CPU and memory intensive computations. sbcl works much better than clisp on OSX and has a profiler; however it lacks readline support (and I refuse to use emacs to interface with it). Without looking for it, I found this extremely cool application called rlwrap that turns any annoying non-readline shit into a nice readline-enabled application. Yay!

— ferdy

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