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September 15, 2008

iPhoto movies in FrontRow

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Ok, so we all know that Apple makes software, and that its software is sometimes full of fail:

Even if their software usually integrates nicely, it really irritates me that some details are completely left out. For instance, iPhoto will import and manage movies from a digital camera. Then, when you are going to show the photos to the family with, for instance, FrontRow, the movies won’t come up. They’ll be ignored in the ‘Photos’ tab, and nothing will show up on the ‘Movies’ tab either.

Oh well, bash comes to the rescue:

	local DEST="${HOME}/Movies/iPhoto Movies/" d
	rm -rf "${DEST}"
	mkdir "${DEST}"
	find "${HOME}/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/" \
		-iname '*.avi' -or -iname '*.mov' | while read f ; do
		mkdir "${d}" 2>/dev/null
		ln "${f}" "${d}"

I just hate to have to do this by hand.

— ferdy

June 21, 2008

Sometimes, stuff goes wrong

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While doing some hacking on a virtual machine, VMWare decided to crash. After rebooting the computer (its kernel part was screwed up too) and restarting the virtual machine nothing seemed to work; rm, tr, sort and friends segfaulted.

The most interesting bit, however, was cat:

cat running parts of paludis?

Well, apparently paludis is to blame for this one too.

I ended up hardlinking lots of stuff to /bin/busybox and was able to rebuild paludis, coreutils and some other stuff. Everything seems to be working again. It is not the first time that an static build of busybox has saved me lots of pain.

— ferdy

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