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May 22, 2008

Awesome is awesome

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To work on exherbo I needed a comfortable environment. After tinkering around packaging open-vm-tools (which took a fair bit to get working) I tried to install fluxbox, which didn’t seem to compile for me. At this point I remembered I wanted to try awesome.

Most of its deps where already available in our x11 repository, except for confuse and awesome itself. In less than fifteen minutes I was using it. It seems that my usual workflow fits quite nicely in how awesome works. I had already tried some tiling window managers and always ended up switching back to fluxbox and my rusty set of shortcuts. Today, I’ve just looked at awesome’s Command Reference a couple of times. And I’m really eager to install it on my main box (when I get that screen back from repair).

I’ve also found the time to package mutt and do a couple of fixes here and there. Some of the stuff is in arbor, some in x11, and some more in my supplemental repository for exherbo at git://git.ferdyx.org/ferdy-supplemental.git.

— ferdy

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