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February 10, 2009


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So this led to this

’nuff said!

Mood: Extremelly happy.

— ferdy

February 2, 2009

More reading

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I finished reading Anathem a while ago, and I really do recommend it. It was weird at first, but really nice in the end. It finished a bit fast, I’d say it needs another hundred pages to tie some of the stuff.

Also, Ricardo Cervera (you don’t have an url these days, you do?) sent me Introduction to Algorithms which I’ve been skimming through. Really nice book, of course. — Thanks.

As part of one of the research projects I’m involved, I just started reading/studying Aircraft control and simulation. Fortunately, it is not hurting as much as I expected. Though it is not for the faint of heart.

— ferdy

ESTEC and EeePC’s first big test

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This year I joined a couple of research projects at the Computer Architecture and Automatics Department of UCM. Since I’m still finishing my Computer Science degree I can’t spend as much time as I’d liked on the projects I’m taking part. I’m mostly doing softwar and learning quite a bit of electronics and such.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading ESA’s ESTEC to attend the first workshop of this year’s RexusBexus campaign. We’ll be there until friday. We’ve worked quite hard and are hoping to get selected for the next phase. Even if we are continuing our research even if we don’t get accepted, it is a great opportunity to test the thing.

Given that I really hate checking luggage at airports I was planning to travel as light as possible. Not needing lots of computing power the Eee came as the best candidate to carry around. I haven’t really done much with it than using it to go to University and back home so this is going to be its firs big test. I get to see whether this netbook thing really works for me, though I think it will.

We’ll see how it works…

— ferdy

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